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May 11, 2014
Professor Yu Wei from Fudan University was invited to give lectures in Jiangsu University
On May 9th, Dr. Wei Yu, distinguished professor of Fudan University, was invited to visit us and gave an academic report entitled " Protein Acetylation Research in Aging Related Diseases " for teachers and students .
The lecture was presided by Professor Keping Chen, Dean of the Institute of Life Sciences.During the report, Professor Wei Yu introduced his research achievements in recent years, and showed us the research prospects of SIRT3 (an NAD+ dependent protein deacetylase ) in aging heart diseases, diabetes and tumor metabolism. After the lecture, Dr. Yu wei interacted with the attendees actively, and answered their questions patiently.
Professor Wei Yu is mainly engaged in the study of protein acetylation and its related diseases metabolism. In the past 10 years, he has published 10 research papers in the Cell, Science and other international well-known magazines. The total impact factor is 184, and his papers were cited 1518 times, of which as the main author identity were 441 times. Besides, he was selected as "Oriental scholar" distinguished professor of Shanghai City in 2013.
(Institute of Life Sciences HuangFang)