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December 16, 2013
Professor Yongzhong Hou was Invited to the "Wu ke song forum"
In the evening of December 10th, the Institute of Life Sciences hosted "Wukesong forum"of Jiangsu University .Professor Yongzhong Hou from the institute of life sciences was invited to give a lecture named "Nuclear Protein and Drug Discovery" in the academy conference room 604,and more than 40 postgraduates attended the lecture.
At first, Profeesor Yongzhong Hou introduced the definition of receptor protein, the history and the current situation of his research ,which let the postgraduates had the preliminary understanding on the receptor protein . Then ,he said, 48 proteins had been identified in the cytoplasm so far , and his study was mainly about PPAR γ, which he was most interested in.Because it is widely expressed in human organs, tissues,and as well as involved in cell metabolism. Besides, it had important effects on tumor, immune regulation. At last, Profeeser Yongzhong Hou concerned about his own research in detail ,and stated that PPAP γ protein plays an important role in cell signaling pathways. After the lecture,the atendees raised some questions and Professor Hou answered them patiently. In a relaxed academic atmosphere, the students mastered the related knowledge, and acquired new experimental ideas as well .
Professor Yongzhong Hou joined the Institute of life sciences of Jiangsu University in 2012, and he is focusing on mechanism of tumorigenesis and drug development. As the first corresponding author, he has published 12 English articles, one of them is published on Nature Communications to reveal the new antitumor mechanism of PPAR γ. Nature Communications is the third among all multidisciplinary science primary research journals, with Nature being first.