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January 15, 2014
Teachers and Students of Institute of Life Science attend Feng Guozhong Researcher Academic Report
On January 10, 2014, the researcher of China National Rice Research institute Feng Guozhong comes to our institute to give us report in room 604 of the life science college entitled " Selection and Characterization of Autographa California multiple nuclepoiyhedrvirus DNA polymerase mutants”. Teachers and students of life science college attend the lecture.
Feng Guozhong researcher tells all the teachers and students the karyotype classification, polygonal body virus replication, and introduces in detail what is karyotype polygonal body virus, and the development prospect of the virus, also introduces their research achievements abroad.Feng Guozhong researcher in abroad study period, paied attention to study the influence of a variety of drugs for alfalfa crazing armyworm karyotype polygonal body virus DNA polymerase .He obtained single and double mutation of two strains, and the obtained APC and ABC two kinds of drug resistance ,.Feng Guozhong researcher suggests that the findings can be used as a subsequent model screening strains and have good prospects for development. Our teachers and students are very interested in this research, and communicate with Feng Guozhong researcher at the meeting.
Feng Guozhong a researcher at the China National Rice Research institute received a doctor''s degree from the department of sun yat-sen University, 2007, September 2009 at the University of Guelph in Canada (University of enviropig) for postdoctoral research. In August 2013 he entered the China National Rice Research institute to work ,and established a biological pesticide research group, mainly engaging in pesticides and antivirals biological pesticide research. So far in core journals he has published more than 10 papers at home and abroad, including the Journal of Virology, J Gen Virol, Virology and other international famous magazine.