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March 26, 2014
Appreciating Life and Creating a Happy Life
All the 13 level graduate students of Institue of Life Science, bathed in the sunshine, went to Jiao Shan together for an outing on March 22. Guide member was invited to activities, and we left a youth and beautiful figure in the beautiful scenery. Then everyone work for free, enjoy the beautiful scenery in spring Jiao Shan, share their own snacks, the lunch was simple , but was full of thick warm, and our joyful laughter as the spring breeze slowly dizzy leave. Finally we joined an interesting psychological activity together , released the pressure and perceived ourselves.
This activity did not only strengthen the interaction between us , also let everybody to further understand the nature and the goodness of life. At the same time ,we learned to share and help each other and more deeply understood to cherish life more value and create a happy life actively.
Li Mei
Institute of Life Sciences