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September 2, 2014
Institute of life sciences Dr. &Masters practice team to the Lianshui conduct enterprises Investigation and research
In July 17 , six members ,of the Institute of Life Sciences Dr.&Masters practice team of Jiangsu University, came to Lianshui, Huai''''''''an for summer social practice .
During the time of research to the Jiangsu Su Mei Foods Co., Ltd,our students found out something about fermentation process and development prospects of sauce and vinegar condiment. They found the point of integration between their profession and company, which laid a good foundation for school-enterprise cooperation. Afternoon, our team came to Jiangsu Su Mei Foods Co., Ltd for research which was located at Lianshui county. They visited the company’s production plants and research and development center. They also received warm reception from the chairman of this company. During the research, our students found out that vinegar and sauce is a necessary condiment in daily life, The traditional fermentation process of vinegar and sauce and features of condiments are single. That’s not conducive to market competition and the company''''''''s development. To keep this company develop well and improve market competition, according to the need of market, Jiangsu Su Mei Foods Co., Ltd makes some innovation on the basis of existing vinegar and sauce products. They develop and produce functional vinegar and sauce. They replace some rice and soybeans with ginkgo and develop ginkgo sauce and soy sauce with efficacy of longevity. They also use wolfberry and red dates as raw materials and develop vinegar drinks with the health effects. For the company’s innovation, our students came up with some suggestions. In the future, our institute can cooperate with companies. And according to our teachers’ researches, use blueberries, strawberries, red raspberries as raw materials, then extract the active ingredients. At last, develop some vinegar drinks and oral solution products which have the functions of beauty detox, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, improving vision, relieving Alzheimer''''''''s disease and lowering blood pressure.Products innovation can inject new vitality for enterprises.

The students and the person in charge of the company conducted a detailed discussion, after Research production base,and learned: The koji is a key steps in the production of soy sauce, if no high enzyme activity koji, they will not produce high quality soy sauce.The high temperature easy generated to Enzyme inactivation, in soy sauce fermentation process. Aiming at this problem, the students put forward can through the screening of strains and gene transformation method to solve. After the investigation, some students take the fermentation to the lab, which is Jiangsu sumei Food Co. Ltd gifts, for culture and gene transformation to provide professional technical support for enterprise development , in order to build Long-term cooperation platform for Institute of life science Jiangsu University .