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September 30, 2014
Professor Zhigang Tu was Invited to the "Wu ke song forum"
September 10, the teacher’s day, Institute of Life science undertaked the "Wukesong forum", professor Tu was invited to make a seminar named The act of cell aging in cancer and treatment , in 604 room at Life science research institute, the most of graduate students taked part in and seriously listened to the lecture.
Based on the cellular aging as the breakthrough point, professor Tu introduced what’s cell aging and the important finds, what’s more, the conditions of caused cell aging and cancer gene induced . Focused on the breast cancer gene 1’s important role in cancerous cells , and looked forward to the future research on cell aging. After the lecture , professor Tu made a detailed answer on relevant questions and confuses put forward by the teachers and students . In a relaxed academic atmosphere, students to "cell aging" have a deeper understanding.
Professor Tu as a high-level personnel was intruducted to Life science research institute at 2013, and was selected as a dual creative talent in Jiangsu province at 2014. In 2001, he graduated from the college of life science in Nanjing university with a master''s degree. In 2008, he obtained a doctor''s degree of Stevens Institute of Technology in United States, New Jersey. Later, continuing reading in the Fox Chase cancer center in the United States. Therefore he has very rich experience on learning and work. The direction of his recent research: to study the roles of chromosome conformation regulate protein BRG1 in the process of oncogene leading to cell aging; Research of cancer genes contributing to cell senescence and the mechanism of tumorigenesis, etc. Over the five years, as the first author , he published 10 papers in SCI .Its representative works published in Developmental Cell (14.03) 2012 IF: