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October 10, 2013
Nottingham Universitv Prof. Miguel Cámara Appointed Adjunct Prof. of JiangSu University
On October 10, Miguel Cámara, professor of Nottingham Universitv, was employed adjunct professor of JiangSu University. Vice-president Jijiang Zhang granted prof. Miguel Cámara a letter of appointment, pinned a Jiangsu University emblem for him. Keping Chen, Dean of Institute of Life Sciences , some faculty members and students of the school attended the ceremony. After ceremony, professor Miguel Cámara made a lecture entitled “Quorum sensing, a universal language in the microbial world with an increasing impact on diverse fields of science”.
Professor Miguel Cámara’ team belongs to Biomolecular Science Center of Nottingham Universitv. It is internationally recognized research center on Europe bacteria control network and biosensor. They are dedicated to the study pathogenic bacteria QS signal cascade and the integration of control network. Also they reveal the mechanism of the crossover signal transduction regulation interactions between the bacteria and eukaryotes. He has published nearly hundred papers in Nat Genet, Lancet Infect Dis. Science,PNAS,PLoS Pathogens, etc.
Guochao Zhang