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November 1, 2013
Professor Yi Li was Invited to Give an Academic Report in Jiangsu University
In the afternoon of October 29, Professor Li Yi, Ph.D supervisor, an adjunct professor of Jiangsu University, was invited to give an academic report entitled: "The molecular biology of the human bocavirus (HBoV1)" in the meeting center of Jiangsu University. The meeting was hosted by Professor Keping Chen , Dean of the Institute of Life Sciences. All the teachers and students of the Institute of Life Sciences attended the meeting .
Professor Li once served as a guest professor of Armand-Frappier, the National Scientific Research Center in Quebec of Canada. His main part-time academics are: a member of the International Taxonomy of viruses Committee on Parvovirus, PLoS ONE´s editorial board. In recent years, Professor Yi Li has made important progress in HBoV1´s cloning and gene function. And he has published many papers in magazines of high level.
The excellent report of Professor Li arosed the majority of teachers´and students´interest. After the report, Professor Yi Li interacted with teachers and students actively, and answered many technical questions patiently.
(Institute of Life Sciences)