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January 17, 2014
Professor Lee Mingyuan was appointed as adjunct professor of Jiangsu University and gave an academic report
On January 15, 2014, a ceremony was held in the meeting center of Jiangsu University to appointed Professor Lee Mingyuan as adjunct professor of Jiangsu University. Professor Huaxi Xu, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee, issued the letter of appointment to Professor Lee and wore school badge for him.
The ceremony was chaired by Professor Keping Chen , Dean of the Institute of Life Sciences. After the ceremony, Professor Lee gave a wonderful report for the attendees titled "Application of zebrafish modelin the selection and study the mechanism of active materials from Chinese herbal". During the report, Professor Lee introduced his mainly academic work: using the zebrafish to construct some models for the human disease and selecting potential materials that can be used to cure the angiocardiopathy and neurodegenerative diseases. He had also studied the mechanism of these materials. During the past few years, he got many achievements in this field.
The excellent report of professor Lee arose the majority of teachers'and students'interest. After the report, he interacted with teachers and students actively, and answered many technological questions patiently. What’s more, he introduced the environment and scenery of Macao University in the end.
His current research area included construct and develop the zebrafish models from Chinese herbal to antiviral and cure some human diseases, such as angiocardiopathy,neurodegenerative,canser and osteoporosis. He has published more than 100 academic papers in this field.
(Institute of life sciences Zhang Panpan)