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September 3, 2021
The meeting of all faculty in School of Life Sciences

       On September 3, a faculty meeting was held for the new semester to summarize the work in the first half of this year and arrange key tasks later this year. According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the meeting was conducted simultaneously online and offline. All of the leaders, administrative staff, teachers with high professional titles, secretary of teachers’ party branch and chairman of the faculty branch union participated in the offline meeting, and other faculty members watched it online.

         Tan Cheng, the Party Secretary, pointed out that in the conference, in the first half of 2021, under the correct leadership of the college party committee and college administration, the teachers and students have worked together as a whole, and therefore they have achieved better results  of the development of party construction and career. He said that it realized the well-off work of the "14th Five-Year Plan" development of the college, and he expressed sincere thanks to the work of teachers . Tan put forward five-point opinion in the second half of the year: At first, we will do the good jobs in the control of the epidemic prevention, and the development and career of our college ; Then,  we need to complete the annual goals; After that,  we will solidly carry out the education of party history; Afterwards, we will go all out to do a good job of the work of the college party committee; The last but not least,  we will comprehensively control the party responsibility. Tan Cheng also emphasized the control of the college epidemic prevention and safety stability, to further reinforce of responsibility, holding on to the bottom line, compacting safety responsibility and ensuring the safety of the college.

        The Dean Tan Xiaoli had a work report on the high-quality development based on the new starting point, creating a new situation, and catching the exam. His comprehensive system reviewed and summarized all aspects of the year, and it clearly pointed out the shortage and short board in the development of the college. He focused on the arrangement of nine key works in the second half of the year. He hoped that the teachers of the whole should boost faith, really grasp the trunk, fulfil the hard work, promote the great Zunyi Conference spirit , long qualification spirit and fully promote the high-quality development of the college career.

        At the meeting, Zhang Wenjuan, a secretary of the party committee and deputy dean, did a plan for students' management, new students sign, alumni association preparation and other works. Vice President Liu Xiaoyong conducted special training on laboratories safety management, besides, he also emphasized on graduate training, undergraduate major.