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September 10, 2021
The seminar in celebration of 37th Teachers’ Day among all young teachers

         On the afternoon of September 10th, a seminar was held in F609 among all young teachers with the theme of “Faith, Mission, and Responsibility” , meanwhile, to celebrate the 37th TeachersDay. All college leaders and representatives of young teachers from the faculty attended the seminar.


        They exchanged and shared their own insights and experience with young teachers focusing on teaching, scientific research, three-dimensional education, personal growth planning and so on. They said that they must keep their original aspirations, shoulder the mission of establishing morality and cultivating people. The young teachers also put forward their opinions and suggestions on the how to develop the college's career at the seminar .

        In the discussion, The Dean Tan Xiaoli introduced the development of the faculty's career, combining with his own growth experience and put forward his hope for the growth of young teachers. He hoped that young teachers would integrate themselves with collectivity , strengthen team combat awareness, concentrate on scientific research, work hard and make greater contributions to the development of the college.

        On behalf of the Party Committee of the Academy, Tan Cheng, the secretary of the Party Committee of the Academy, expressed holiday greetings to the young teachers. He pointed out that young teachers are important force for the development of the college's career and related to the future of the college. He hoped that young teacher would try to be better teachers of excellent qualities. In the first place, can bear the responsibility and realize the value of life through hard work; then, keep the teachers morals and lead the students to grow up into backbone; whats more, be in physical and psychological health and balance the work between  life ; the last but not least, always keep an optimistic attitude.