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September 27, 2021
The leaders in school of life sciences having interview with the new students of 2021

        On the afternoon of September 23, Tan Cheng, the secretary of the Party Committee of our faculty,Zhang Wenjuan, the secretary of the Party Committee of our second faculty ,the deputy secretary of the party committee and Vice President Liu Xiaolong and the counselor Cui Wenjie came to the student dormitories to visit the 2021 new classmates.

         During the visit, the leaders expressed the warm welcome to the 2021 new students, then, they had a small talk with them about the students hometowns, asking them about their feelings of the learning and living environment and logistics support work, hoping that they can adapt the campus as soon as possible to prepare for the following study and life. In addition, students must strictly abide by the schools rules and disciplines. If they meet difficulties, contact the teachers in time for feedback.

        The new students expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the faculty's care and said that they will adjust themselves as soon as possible and devote themselves to learning and scientific research in the best state.