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February 23, 2016
An Academic Report By Professor Yanli Wang
Title: Function of RNA methylation and genome editing using CRISPR/Cas 9 system
Speaker: Professor Yizhen Wan
Time: February 24th, 14:30
Place: Classroom 604 of Institute of Life Sciences
Sponsoring Agency: Institute of Life Sciences
Introduction of the Lecturer: Wan Yizhen is associate professor of Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University and postdoctoral fellow of Cornell University.His research interests are plant functional genes and genomics.In recent years he participated in cooperative research in Zhu Jiankang academician laboratory, more than 7 years of overseas experience.And in scientific research, teaching and scientific research achievements have achieved certain achievements in the application.In addition, he has long been committed to plant function genes and genomics research, but in the past two years mainly Arabidopsis thaliana as material, RNA methylation study.He published a total of 70 papers, including English papers of 28, to the first author or communication author published SCI papers have a total of 17, including a district thesis of 6. And approved the application of a number of national patents.
Lecture Content:RNA methylation is a hot research topic in recent years. In recent three years, Nature, Science and Cell international top journals have published 7 papers.It has been proved that RNA methylation has many biological functions.CRISPR technology is a proven biotechnology for genomic and gene knockout in recent years.The report focuses on the authors of the American Academy of Sciences Professor Zhu Jiankang laboratory in recent years in the Arabidopsis RNA methylation research and CRISPR research results in rapid gene knock, cutting-edge biotechnology and AC RNA immunoprecipitation technology, m6A-seq technology and the use of academician zhu.
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