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May 19, 2016
An Academic Report By Professor Liu Shubai
Title: Natural drugs, novel drug targets & biomarkers screening and translational medicine applications
Speaker: Professor Shubai Liu
Time: May18th, 14:30
Place: Classroom 604 of Institute of Life Sciences
Sponsoring Agency: Institute of Life Sciences
Introduction of the Lecturer Liu Shubai is a postdoctoral fellow at the American women''''s Hospital and Harvard Medical School.Its research expertise is natural active protein peptide, G protein coupled receptor downstream signal real-time dynamic transduction.Graduated from Shaanxi Normal University in 211 key universities directly under the Ministry of education, then graduated from Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2007, received a doctor''''s degree, work after graduation to remain as an assistant researcher for a year, and then went to the United States for further study, respectively, in Illinois, incense handle research in the biomedical field, Blegen women''''s Hospital and Harvard Medical school.She has long been engaged in the activity of natural protein, G protein coupled receptor signal transduction downstream of the real-time dynamic, ovarian cancer screening of tumor markers and the mucosal immune system regulation and other related research fields, and achieved outstanding results, so far issued a total of 29 papers, impact factor sum up to 133, of which the first author in PNAS, Mucosal Immunology, Gut PLoS, ONE and other international professional magazine published 15 articles (the total impact factor of 56.6), and 2 patents have been approved by the Chinese, there is a series of related research results have been submitted and published in finishing.In addition, Dr. Liu, the design of novel cAMP/PKA molecular probes targeting SR-AKAR3/ SR-ICUE33, the study of myocardial sarcoplasmic reticulum in the micro region of cAMP/ PKA signal transduction in the world, first described a system of beta 1/ beta 2-adrenergic receptor and prostacyclin receptor (EP4) signaling pathway of Crosstalking in inflammatory disorders of the impatient heart failure, provide the molecular pathogenesis of inflammatory heart failure common clinical and sudden death, and to provide reference for rational use of anti-inflammatory drugs in patients with cardiovascular disease.besides,Dr. Liu, for the first time in the world to identify the structure and function of a strong biological activity of the first bacterial toxin like protein Betagamma- crystallin and trefoil factor Betagamma-CAT complex, and a novel multifunctional polypeptide of OH-TCI double protease inhibitors and sodium channel blocking agent specific activity, to provide new ideas for innovation drug development. In view of Liu''''s academic achievements in the related research field, are a number of professional academic journal American Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research, International Journal of Genetics and Molecular Biology and North American Journal of Medicine & Health Editor or reviewer board member for the invitation.
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