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December 14, 2016
An Academic Report By Professor Gongda Yang
Title: Application of two generation sequencing in free DNA
Speaker: Professor Gongda Yang
Time: December 14th, 1500
Place: Classroom 604 of Institute of Life Sciences
Sponsoring Agency: Institute of Life Sciences
Introduction of the Lecturer:Yang Gongda is director of research and development inShanghai m-image biological medicine science and Technology Co Ltd.Its research expertise is the application of two generation sequencing in free DNA. Graduated from the University of Aberdeen in the UK, Dr. project is the study of the molecular mechanism of this crustacean endocrine disorder, is one of the first British use of high-throughput sequencing technology five projects. During the doctoral period published a total of 6 papers, the total impact factor of more than 20 points, cited more than 70 times. He has returned to the BGI and Meiji biological office, responsible for the promotion of the development of the two generation sequencing technology and medical products. And has been responsible for non-invasive prenatal diagnosis, noninvasive paternity testing and circulating tumor DNA R & D projects, which in the Ministry of health organized room quality assessment pass. And in the product development period to apply for invention patents 7, of which there are two authorized.
Lecture Content:This lecture is mainly about the application of two generation sequencing in free DNA. The two generation sequencing has experienced a rapid development stage in the past 10 years, in promoting the whole life science research but also a transformation of clinical diagnosis application of terminal products and technology, especially in the field of free DNA, stimulating the development of noninvasive prenatal diagnosis and circulating tumor DNA two revolutionary technology the sequencing technology, the real from the laboratory into clinical application. This lecture mainly introduced the two generation sequencing in free DNA application, as well as free DNA based on the status of clinical products and problems.
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