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December 29, 2016
An Academic Reports By Professor ChengFeng
Title: Brain development gene expression profiling and drug discovery
Speaker: Professor Chengfeng
Time: December 30th 9:00
Place: Classroom 604 of Institute of Life Sciences
Sponsoring Agency: Institute of Life Sciences
Introduction of the Lecturer: ChengFeng, the university of south Florida college of pharmacy, an assistant professor. Research expertise: bioinformatics and drug development. Undergraduate course graduation in 985 key universities directly under the ministry of education of nanjing University, in 2003 graduated from China academy of sciences, Shanghai institute of medicine, PhD, in 2010 graduated from the University of Virginia . The University of South Florida college of pharmacy, Assistant Professor of department of pharmacy for life and the school of public health, biological statistics is a visiting Assistant Professor , published for the first time more than 18 articles, major publications such as the Journal of the American Chemical Society33. (impact factor of 12.113). The common 1 the first author theses Nature.
Lecture Content: Chen for more than 10 years has been engaged in the research of drug related aspects of the brain, in the Shanghai institute of medicine, medicinal chemistry, Chinese academy of sciences professional doctor after graduation, and studied at the University of Virginia (University of Virginia) biological information professional doctorate, after work in the bioinformatics research and drug development.
Welcome the masses of teachers and students to attend!