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Brief Introduction of Disciplines in School of Life Sciences


      The School of Life Scienceswas founded in  March,2001. It is chaired by Shengli Yang, a renowned academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences.  Although it is a new research institute in Jiangsu university, it matured quickly into an active organization with diversified research fields, including functional genomics of model organisms, transgenic technology and safety assessment, interaction of plant and microbe and its molecular regulation, animal and human molecular virology, insect bioreactor, tumor-related genes,molecular nutrition, molecular metabolism, molecular biology of enzymes,DNA damage and repair mechanisms. 


    The school currently have over 50 faculties,including Dr.Keping Chen, the Dean of Institute of Life Sciences. Dr. Chen is an internationally recognized expert in the field of silkworm and virus, and is also the winner of the second award for National Science and Technology, the first and third award for Agriculture Science and Technology. Led by Dr.Chen, many research groups have been established and various studies are conducted in an independent and collaborative fashion. More than 200 papers have been published, and at least 100 publications  are in SCI Journals. The ongoing studies are supported by National Science Foundation of China, Ministry of Science and Technique of China, the National Key Technologies Research and Development Program of China National Venture Foundation Development Programs, National 863 and 973 programs, the National key program of Transgenic , ministry of finance Program of China, Jiangsu High-tech Program of Jiangsu Ministry of Education. Program , Foundation of Jiangsu Talent Program and lateral research projects.

     The school has also established an excellent research platform, invested with more than 10 million RMB from central and local goverments.  The institute owns Genetic Analysis system, mRNA fluorescent differential display system, Ultracentrifuge, PCR Amplifier, Nucleic acid/protein Analyzer, Cell electroporation apparatus, Hybridization Oven, Gel Documentation System, ultraflex TOF-TOF MS.

     The school offers a Master Degree of Science program and a Doctoral Degree of Philosophy program in collaboration with School of Food and Biological engineering. Currently, more than 30 postgraduate students are enrolled every