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1: Exchange and seminar between universities


 August 20-23, 2011, Chen Keping et al. 12 people attended the 1st International Symposium on Sericulture and Insect Biotechnology and made a speech: Search and identification of nucleopolyhedrovirus resistant genes in silkworm,Bombyx mori. This forum is organized by the China National Natural Science Foundation, the State Administration of foreign experts, Jiangsu Science and Technology University, Chinese Silkworm Academic organization, and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.


July 2-6, 2011. Li Guohui et al. 4 people participated in the third international insect physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology meeting.


November 2010, Qin Lv Gao attended the doctor forum of a new generation of industrial biotechnology in Jiangsu province and made a speech.


August 2009, Zhidao Xia from Oxford University visited our institute for academic exchange on the bone tissue repair and regeneration and to start a collaborative research project in which the University of Oxford and Institute of Life Sciences, Jiangsu University cooperated.


 2001-2010, four researchers went to Japan. 22 famous scholars visited our university who were from universities and research institutions in the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, Germany, Canadian or Hong Kong. A scholar from the United Kingdom was invited to attend the Sansui Song symposium 2 times.


2001-2010, 2 researchers went to Tokyo University in Japan and Oxford University in the United Kingdom as high researchers. One went to the United States for cooperative scientific research. One went to Japan for learning; three went to the University of Nottingham for study and research cooperation.


2. The internationally renowned experts to give lectures in our institute.

October 25, 2012, Baolin Wang,  professor of Weill Medical College of Cornell University, Invited by professor Yajing Zhou of Institute of Life Sciences, visited our school.


April 22, 2011, senior researcher Dr. Wu Tian from the Amgen pharmaceutical company in the United States visited our collage and made a speech the research and development of pharmaceutical drug in a large international company .


January 2011, senior scientists of cassava molecular biology and genetics, doctoral tutors of Brasilia University from the institute of genetic resources and Biological Technology Research of the Institute of Brazil National Agricultural Research, Luiz Joaquim Castelo Branco Carvalho came to teach accompanied by Chen Songbi, a proteomics researcher from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and made an academic report on Starch Quality and Protein enhancement in Cassava storage Root.


October 2010, Miguel Cámara, professor in University of Nottingham, come to teach on a review of the molecular biology and systems biology of self-regulation in group effects.


September 2010, Kurt Mendgen, professor from the Biology Department of Germany Konstanz University, come to teach on molecular cytology and molecular plant pathology.


December 2009, Weill Medical College of Cornell University Associate Professor Wang Baolin with other three people come to teach and communicate on the way of transcription factors Gli2 and Gli3 in Hedgehog signaling in the process of human development and cancer. Meanwhile we reached a consensus on cooperation, signed a collaborative research agreement and laid a good foundation for future research collaboration.


October 2009, Professor MiguelCamara and Dr. StephanHeeb from the Nottingham University come to teach on the group effects of microbes.


October 2009, Professor Tan fuzhenyang from the Tokyo University, Japan and another researcher come to exchange on cooperative research on entomology.


September 2009, Dr. Jiang Pengju from Oxford University came to give lectures.


September 2009, the visiting scholar Shi Haifeng from the NIH of the United States came to exchange on functional iron chaperone gene screening.


May 2009, Professor Xu Guorong from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and his assistants came to teach on Molecular Virology and Bioinformatics, and exchanged academic points with college students and teachers. We also negotiated and started the cooperative research on the genomics research in HIV-1 infection and determined the research contents, program, division of labor and research time schedule.