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Welcoming Message from the  Dean


     Jiangsu Universitiy Institute of Life Sciences is created in March, 2001 to carry out the mission of modern molecular investigations to improve agriculture, to promote people's health and to nurture young researchers and students. We are currently working in many fields, such as functional genomics of model organisms, transgenic technology and safety assessment, interaction of plant and microbe and its molecular regulation, animal and human molecular virology, insect bioreactor, tumor-related genes,molecular nutrition, molecular metabolism, molecular biology of enzymes,DNA damage and repair mechanisms. More than 200 research papers have been published, and at least 100 papers are in SCI journals.

    The institute currently have over 46 faculties, many of them are from well-known universities and   oversea research institutes. We have also established an excellent research platform, invested with more than ten million RMB and supported by central and local government. We are also supported by various grants and projects, including grants from National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Key Basic Research Development Program (973), National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863) and National Science and Technology Key Projects.     

    We are doing our best to create a harmonious environment for scientific research, to encourage the innovation, creativity and collaboration, to nurture students and young researchers. We are proud to have trained more than 100 students for the past10 years. Some of them have been enrolled in Stanford University and Chinese Academy of Sciences. Some students are also recognized by winning the award of  Cup of Challenge. Some young researchers are  becoming research leaders and approved as professors.     

    We warmly welcome the pespective students to join us to start the scientific exploration. Both graduate and postgraduate students are invited to be new members of our homely group. We also warmly welcome scientists from home and abroad to come here for teaching and studies.


 Dean:  Tan Xiaoli