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December 4, 2019
Shi Haifeng

Curriculum Vitae


      Job Title: Professor

      Mailing address:  Institute of life science, Jiangsu University 80#, Xuefu Road 301, Zhenjiang , Jiangsu , P.R.China, 212013
      Tel: 15862996375
      Email: shihf@ujs.edu.cn

Job qulification    
1994-1998:B.Sc., Department of Biochemistry, NanJing University, PR China
1998-2002:Ph.D, Department of Biochemistry, The Hong Kong University of Science &  Technology, Hong Kong
2006:Small Interfering RNA (SiRNA) and Functional Genomics, FAES training course, NIH
2004-2009:Visiting fellow, Liver Diseases Branch, NIDDK, NIH

Research Interests
Decipher the trafficking of iron and other trace metal elements in cellular plasma. Study the cellular metabolism of trace metal elements and related diseases. Screening iron metabolism related genes. Study the toxicity of iron and other trace metal elements.



Honors & Awards
1996-1998,  People’s scholarship at Nanjing university
1998-2002, Postgraduate studentship at HKUST
2007,  Fellows Award in Recognition of Excellence in Biomedical Research at National Institutes of Health


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Oral presentation
Shi HF, Philpott, CC Identification of genes facilitating iron storage in ferritin. Poster talk, Trace Element Metabolism: Integrating Basic and Applied Research, Colorado , June 17-22, 2006