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December 4, 2019
Yao Qin

Curriculum Vitae 


   Name: Qin Yao
   Gender: Female
   Birth: September 1958
  Technical title:Professor
  Phone number: 0511-88791702
  Fax number: 0511-88791923


Study experience:
1979.9-1983.7  Anhui Agricultural Universtiy   Undergraduate
1990.9-1991.7 Ministry of Agriculture  English trainning
1996.9-1997.7 Graduate School of chinses Academy of Agricultural Science Postgraduate courses


Work experience:
1983.7-1984.10 Wanna College of Agriculture  Agricultural Education Department   teacher
1984.11-2001.9 Sericultural Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Silkworm resources project leader
Jiangsu Universtiy Insititution of Life Scicence Professor Acdamic and Social part-time: Member of Silkworm Variety Approval Committee of Jiangsu Province


Major courses:
PhD, Instrumental Analysis of Modern Biology (biological and chemical equipment)Master, Molecular Virology


Reseache interests:
1, Virus Molecular Biology; 2, functional gene of model organisms



Area of current researches:

We are focused in the molecular biological studies of insect viruses. We are interested in the composition and structure of insect virus genome, the function and variation of gene at molecular level, virus infection and pathogenesis. We are also dedicated to exploration of the new biotechological product, e.g. recombined virus used as bio-pesticides, anti-virus transgentic insect, as well as the molecular breeding techology of anti-virus silkworm

Major publications :(* means corresponding author)
1. Meng Lv, Qin Yao *,Yong Wang, Xiaoyong Liu, Haijun Liu, Guoping Huang, Keping Chen , Junhong Zhang , Xiaogang Li.  Identification of Structural Proteins of Bombyx mori Parvo-like Virus (China Zhenjiang isolate). INTERVIROLOGY 2011;54:37-43
2.Xiaogang Li, Hengchuan Xia, Yuanqing He, Lu Gao, Yang Zhou, Guohui Li, Keping Chen and Qin Yao* . Cloning and characterization of the densoviruses susceptible gene +nsd-2 in the silkworm, Bombyx mori AFRICAN JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY.2010; 9(25):3736-3741,
3.Zhang Junhong,Li Guohui, Zhang Junhong, Chen Huiqing,Xiaogang Li, Meng Lv,Chen Keping and Yao Qin*. Molecular Cloning and Expression of Key Gene Encoding Hypothetical DNA Polymerase from B.mori Parvo-like Virus .Genetics and Molecular Biology 2011
4.Guohui Li, Chen Sun, Junhong Zhang,Yuanqing He,Huiqing Chen, Jie Kong,Guoping Huang, Keping Chen, Qin Yao*. Characterization of Bombyx mori parvo-like virus non-structural protein NS1. Virus Genes 2009;39:396-402
5.Shen, H, Chen, K., Yao , Q. and Zhou, Y. Characterization of the Bm61 of the Bombyx mori Nucleopolyhedrovirus. Curr Microbiol. 2009, Mar. 25. 6.Shen H, Chen K, Yao Q, Yu W, Pan Y, Huo J, Xia H, Huang G. Characterization of Bombyx mori nucleopolyhedrovirus orf74, a novel gene involved in virulence of virus. Virus Genes. 2009, 38 (3) 487-494. 7.Xiaoyong Liu, Keping Chen*, Keya Cai, Qin Yao Determination of protein composition and host-derived proteins of Bombyx mori nucleopolyhedrovirus by two-dimensional electrophoresis and mass spectrometry intervirology 2008;51:369-376
8.Hongliang Zhou, Keping Chen*, Qin Yao, Lu Gao, YongWang Molecular cloning of Bombyx mori cytochrome P450 gene and its involvement in fluoride resistance Journal of Hazardous Materials 2008, 160(2-3):330-336  
9.Huijuan Yin, Qin Yao*, Zhongjian Guo, Fang Bao, Wei Yu, Jun Li, Keping Chen. Expression of Non-structural Protein NS3 Gene of Bombyx mori densovirus (China isolate) Journal of Genetics and Genomics   2008, 35
10.Qiang Wang, Keping Chen*, Qin Yao, Yuan Zhao, Yijia Li, Hongxing Shen and Runhong Mu Identification and characterization of a novel 1-Cys peroxiredoxin from silkworm, Bombyx mori Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part B: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2008, 149(1):176-182

余蔚,姚勤*,郭忠建,包方,尹慧娟,陈克平家蚕浓核病毒中国株非结构蛋白1NS1)的表达微生物学报 2008, 48(2)191-196
包方姚勤* 李军刘晓勇余蔚尹慧娟陈克平家蚕对浓核病毒(中国株)抗性及感性品系的中肠差异蛋白质分析  昆虫学报 2007 50(12)
13.Hui-qing Chen, Ke-ping Chen,*, Qin Yao, Zhong-jian Guo, Ling-ling Wang. Characterization of a late gene, ORF67 from Bombyx mori nucleopolyhedrovirus .Federation of European Biochemical Societies Letters 2007
581 (30) 5836–5842
14.WANG Qiang, GUO Zhong-Jian, YAO Qin, WANG Hai-Yan, Keping Chen* Rapid Disruption of Bombyx mori Nucleopolyhedrovirus orf60 by Red Recombination System CHINESE JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY 2007, 23(5):801−805.
15.Yong Jie Wang, Qin Yao, Ke Ping Chen, Yong Wang, Jian Lu and Xu Han Characterization of the genome structure of Bombyx mori densovirus (China isolate) VIRUS GENES 2007
16.Keping Chen, Hui-Qing Chen, Xu-Dong Tang, Qin Yao, Lin-Ling Wang, Xu Han Bmpkci is highly expressed in resistant silkworm strain: implication of its role in resistance to BmDNV-Z. European Journal of Entomology, 2007, 104(3): 369-376
韩序,姚勤﹡,高路,王永杰,包方,陈克平家蚕浓核病毒 (中国镇江株)在不同感受性宿主体内的复制  生物工程学报 2006 231):
18.HU Zhi-Gang, CHEN Ke-Ping
, YAO Qin, GAO Gui-Tian, XU Jia-Ping, CHEN Hui-Qing Cloning and Characterization of Bombyx mori PP-BP, a Gene Induced by Viral Infection 遗传学报 2006, 3311):
王永杰,姚勤,陈克平,韩序家蚕浓核病毒BmDNV-3(中国株)VD1基因组结构与转录分析  生物工程学报 2006 131):
王永杰,陈克平  姚勤,高贵田,韩序  家蚕浓核病毒DNV-3(中国株)的VD2基因组序列分析微生物学报 2006 46(3)
2005 ,48(6):871-875
23.Qin Yao,Zhigang Hu,Jiaping Xu,Keping Chen
Cloning and Characterization of Ribosome-associated Membrane Protein 4 (RAMP4) gene in silkworm Bombyx mori International Journal of Industrial Entomology 2005,10(2):125-129
24.J.P.Xu,K.P.Chen,Qin.Yao and X.Y.Liu Fluorescent differential display analysis of gene expression for NPV resistance in Bombyx mori L. Journal of Applied Entomology 129(1)
,Qin.Yao M.H.Liu G.T. Gao and Y.Zhao Identification and characterization of an NPV infection related gene Bmsop2 in Bombyx mori L Journal of Applied Entomology 129(8)
26.Yao Qin, Wang Yong ,Chen keping*. Screening of molecular markers for NPV resistance in Bombyx mori L.Journal of Appl. Entomology (German). 2003

27.Chen Keping, Li Muwang,Yao Qin et al. Breeding of new germplasms of silkworm (Bombyx mori.) resistant to zhenjiang ( China ) strain of densonucleosis virus. Sericologia (France), 2001

Research projects undertaken:
1.  Vice project leader, ‘Molecular markers, locations and cloning of genes of important economic characters in silkworm”, Jiangsu High-tech Research Projects (BJ2001317) (2001-2004), accomplished
2.  Project leader, “Genome analysis of Bombyx mori densovirus ( China isolate)”, Jiangsu High-tech Research Projects(2003-2005.12), (03KJD180065) accomplished
3.  Joint project leader, “Study on  Mechanism of NPV resistance to Silkworm”,National Natural Science Foundation of China (30370773) (2004.01-2006.12), completed
4.  Project leader, “Study on genome structure and host immune machanisms of Bombyx mori densovirus ( China isolate)”, Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu province,(BK2006074) (2006.6-2009.6), completed
5.  Project leader, “A new strand of Bombyx mori with high quality and yield and anti-aggregation of two kinds of viruses obtained from molecular breeding”, Supported by the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program)(2008AA10Z145) (2008.1-2010.11), completed
6. Project leader, “Analysis of non-strucure protein property and replication origin ofBombyx mori densovirus ( China isolate)”, National Natural Science Foundation of China (30871826) (2009.01-2011.12), ongoing
7. Joint project leader, “Study on function of small mRNA and peptide of silkworm and machanism of interaction between virus and host”, the National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program), Study on the major ecnomice functional genome of silkworm and Molecular improvement, (2005CB121000)( 2006-2010), completed

Achievements and awards:
1. The 2nd Prize of National Sci-tech Progress (1998), ranked the ninth position.
2. The 2nd Prize of National Sci-tech Progress (2001), ranked the fourth position.
3. The 1st Prize of The third urban women Sci-tech inventionand creation contest in Jiangsu province (2002), ranked the first position.
4. The 3rd Prize of Jiangsu Sci-tech Progress (2009), ranked the second position.


The number of graduating master: nine    

The number of graduated master: nine