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December 4, 2019
Yang Yanhua

 Curriculum Vitae




Name:  Yanhua Yang
Gender:  Female
Technical title: Research Associate
Degree: Ph.D.
E-mail: yanhuayang@126.com, yhyang@ujs.edu.cn
Area of current researches:
Plant molecular evolution, Plant proteomics, and rice molecular biology
Foreign languages:  English


Major publications:
1. Yang Y-H, Zhang F-M, Ge S*. 2009. Evolutionary rate patterns of the gibberellin pathway genes. BMC Evolutionary Biology 9: 206. SCI/IF(2009) 4.294
2. Yang Yanhua, Zhang Yadong, Zu Zhen, Zhao Ling, Chen Tao, Zhao Qingyong, Wang Cailin. Effect of GA3 and ABA on the Growth,Physiological Characteristics and Gene Expression of GA20ox2 and GA3ox2 in Different Rice Cultivated Varieties.Chinese J Rice Sci, 2010,24(4):433-437.
3. Yang Yanhua, Chen Guoxiang, Liu Shaohua, et al. Effect of Exogenous Sorbitol on Photosynthetic Characteristic and Ploypeptide Compositions of Thylakoid Membrane of Liangyoupeijiu and Wuyunjing 7 under Salt Stress. Chinese J Rice Sci, 2004,18(3):234-238.