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December 4, 2019
Zhu Ling-Ping

Zhu Lingping, female, from Han People, was born in  1973 in Danyang of Jiangsu province. She is a research assistant, with master degree of Chinese ancient literature in yang zhou university and a member of communist party. She now works as secretary of Party in the department of science and life research in Jiangsu university.

 She has been working since 1995 , once serving as editor of campus newspaper in former Zhenjiang medical university, vice -section secretary of Beigu campus committee of Jiangsu university, dean of department of edition attached to  Propaganda Department of Party committee in Jiangsu university, Family level Secretary of Propaganda Department of Party committee in Jiangsu university, engaging in  the teaching of Appreciation of foreign literature, public relations, Situation and policy class for long.

She’s also co-author of following academic works:,Medical Linguistics, Network culture and ideological and political innovation of education, working at the research of school culture ,net culture and traditional culture, participant of three Provincial level topics and responsible for one School subject. Her thesis, The Dilemma of University Education of Traditional Culture, published at China Higher Education, was included in CSSCI.

She was also co-author of the report, Development of Cultural Industry in Jiangsu Province and was awarded first prize of Jiangsu Province Federation of social science academic study application and second prize of annual ideological and political research of Jiangsu University for several times .

She was once invited to represent Research Group to present at Ning Zhenyang Culture Industry Development Forum and delivered a Special report. Her honorable titles go as follows:   Jiangsu province college newspaper work advanced individual, Jiangsu University advanced worker, Jiangsu University outstanding teacher, advanced teacher of Zhenjiang City summer social practice of university students.  Students under her guidance once won the first prize of Essay writing competition held by People''''''''Daily and the title of “Best radio station” of East China Broadcasting Union . Herself once won second and third prize of good news of The national college newspaper and that of Jiangsu province college newspaper.

She has published more than 100 press paper in Xinhua Daily , China Education Newspaper, Yangzi Evening News, Zhenjiang daily, Jinjiang Evening News and so on.                                              


Contact Number : 86-511-88787339