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December 4, 2019
Peng LIU


Peng LIU,Ph.D

Title: assistant researcher

Tel.: 86-511-88791702

Email: pengliu1985@ujs.edu.cn

Location: Room 108, Zhu A Building, Jiangsu University


Fields of research: anti-cancer drugs, cancer cell senescence, inflammation-associated cancers and related molecular biology.


Professional experience:


2016/11-present, Institute of Life Sciences, Jiangsu University, China

2014/11-2016/09, Department of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University, China




Ph.D: 2011-2014, Biology, University of Paris 7/Institute Pasteur, France

M.Sc: 2010-2011, Biochemistry, Ecole Normal Superieure Paris/University of Paris 6, France

M.P.S: 2009-2010, Experimental oncology, University of Lorraine, France

B.S: 2003-2007, Biotechnology, Ludong University, China


Main Publications:

1. Liu, P., Lu, Z., Liu, L., Li, R., Liang, Z., Shen, M., Xu, H., Ren, D., Ji, M., Yuan, S., Shang, D., Zhang, Y., Liu, H*., Tu, Z*. (2019). NOD-like receptor signaling in inflammation-associated cancers: from functions to targeted therapies. Phytomedicine. (IF=4.18)

2. Liu, L., Liu, P., Liang, Z., Li, R., Shen, M., Xu, H., Ren, D., Ji, M., Yang, Y., Lu, Z., Shang, D., Zhang, T., Liu, H*., Tu, Z*. (2019). Poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase inhibitors combined with other small-molecular compounds for the treatment of ovarian cancer. Anti-Cancer Drugs. (IF=1.801)

3. Liu, P., Lu, Z., Wu, Y., Shang, D., Zhao, Z., Shen, Y., Zhang, Y., Zhu, F., Liu, H*., and Tu, Z*. (2018). Cellular Senescence-Inducing Small Molecules for Cancer Treatment. Curr Cancer Drug Targets. (IF=2.72)

4. Liang, Z., Lu, Z., Zhang, Y., Shang, D., Li, R., Liu, L., Zhao, Z., Zhang, P., Lin, Q., Feng, C., Zhang, Yibang, Liu, P., Tu, Z*., Liu, H*. (2018). Targeting Membrane Receptors of Ovarian Cancer Cells for Therapy. Curr Cancer Drug Targets. (IF=2.72)

5. Liu, P., Danot, O., and Richet, E*. (2013). A dual role for the inducer in signalling by MalT, a signal transduction ATPase with numerous domains (STAND). Mol. Microbiol. 90, 13091323. (IF=3.649) 

Information of postgraduate supervision: