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September 27, 2013
An Academic Report By Professor Hong Zhou

Title:The mechanism of immune cell recruitment in inflammation of the central nervous system

Speaker: Professor Hong Zhou

Time:September 27, 1430

Place: The second report hall of conference center

Sponsoring Agency: Institute of Life Sciences

Lecturer Brief Introduction:

Hong Zhou, professor of School of Basic Medicine in Nanjing Medical University. Areas of specialization: Immunology. The areas of main working are inflammation and cells recruiting. This reminder the mechanism of microglial cells activate and mediate immune cell recruitment on the conditions of brain inflammation, and endothelial cells directly identify pathogens through TLR4 in systemic inflammation. He has published many papers in J CLIN.INVEST.or J IMMUNOL, and other well-known journals of immunology. In november 2010,he return to work. Now, he presides the national natural science foundation of China, research fund

of distinguished professor of JiangSu province, Natural science fund of JiangSu province, and Ministry of Science and Technology of National Major Science Plan, etc.

Lecture Content: Immune cells can cross the blood brain barrier so that entrance the inside of CNS on the conditions of CNS inflammation. Blocking immune cells to enter will have a important influnce of adjusting CNS inflammation. In our research we found the model of inflammation of the central nervous system, and use it to research the natural immune response and immune cell recruitment on the condition of inflammation of the central nervous system. Exploring that complement component, chemokines, and other key components play the role in the cells recruiting.

Welcome the masses of teachers and students to participate.