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October 24, 2013
An Academic Report By Professor Peter Tijssen
Title: The evolution and milestones of densovirus research
Speaker: Professor Peter Tijssen
Time:October 29, 8:30
Place: The third report hall of conference center
Sponsoring Agency: Institute of Life Sciences
Lecturer Brief Introduction:Dr. Peter Tijssen, professor of University of Quebec. Also, he is the director of molecular virology laboratory, president of the International Committee on Taxonomy of parvovirus and parvovirus international authoritative expert. He made great accomplishments in parvovirus crystal structure and pathology. The capsid protein phospholipase activity was the first discovered by his research team. He has written five monographs and published more than 100 papers. Many papers were published in Immunology, Developmental Cell,Journal of Virology, etc.
Lecture Content:He will introduce research history about densovirus, important founds in the process of the molecular biology research about densovirus, and advances in the research field of the this virus.
Welcome the masses of teachers and students to participate.