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September 25, 2020
Theme of the academic lecture: Application of Gene Editing In Breeding and Related Identification

Application of Gene Editing In Breeding and Related Identification

Speaker: Prof. WANG Kejian

Date: 2020-09-28   Time: 09:30 am

Location: Room F609 in LEISI Building

Sponsored by: School of Life Sciences

Introduction of expert: Prof. Wang Kejian, a researcher and doctoral supervisor, born in December 1983, Yancheng, Jiangsu Province. He is the Chief Scientist of Rice Chromosomal Engineering and Genome Editing Innovation Team of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Project Leader of Research Office of Gene Resources Mining and Utilization of China Rice Research Institute. In recent years, his 29 papers have been published in international SCI journals, of which 8 papers as a corresponding author. As a principle investigator, two projects were granted by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, one key project was funded by the Zhejiang Natural Science Foundation. He was also granted one sub-project of the National 973 Plan as a principle investigator, and participated in the National 863 Program as an academic backbone, as well as six national invention patents were granted.

Research expertise: rice chromosomal engineering and genome editing.

Introduction of the lecture: Introduction of the system establishment and application of CRISPR\/Cas9-mediated genome editing technology in rice and the establishment of efficient methods for editing and identification.

Welcome the staff and students interested in it to the lecture!