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September 25, 2020
Theme of the academic lecture: Exploration and practice of soybean genome editing for trait improvement

 Exploration and practice of soybean genome editing for trait improvement

Speaker: Prof. HOU Wensheng

Date: 2020-09-28   Time: 10:15 am

Location: Room F609 in LEISI building

Sponsored by: School of Life Sciences

Introduction: Dr. Hou Wensheng, a researcher and doctoral supervisor. He is a judge of the National Fund Committee and a backbone expert of the scientific and technological innovation project on soybean breeding technology innovation and new varieties breeding research and innovation team of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. His main research interest includes soybean genetically modified technology, genome editing technology, breeding material creation and molecular breeding. Since 2008, he has cloned a number of genes associated with soybean resistance, fatty acid and amino acid metabolic regulation, light cycle-related genes, as well as functional analysis of the tissue-specific promoter, and further application of the research results and new breeding materials obtained from the basic research to the soybean breeding practice. He has published more than 50 scientific research papers, of which 33 articles were indexed by SCI (12 as a corresponding or first author), and participated in the compilation of 3 monographs, and 13 invention patents was granted. 22 new varieties of soybeans went through the review, and 11 new plant varieties was authorized. The related extension area was more than four million acre.

Introduction of the lecture: Introduction of the system establishment and application of CRISPR\/Cas9-mediated genome editing technology in soybeans. Successful practice in soybeans and the construction of a stable CRISPR\/Cas9-mediated soybean genome editing technology system, and the use of this system to create and report the first case of non-exogenetic genes, genetic stability, visible esoteric soybean genome editing mutants.

Welcome the staff and students interested in it to the lecture!