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November 29, 2022
Announcement on the allocation of incremental postgraduate admission plans and transfer plans for 2022

In accordance with the University's 2022 incremental postgraduate enrolment plan arrangement, the 11 incremental programmes are allocated as follows.

Specialty (Direction) Code and Name

Number of people

071000 Biology


086001 Biotechnology and Engineering


The original number of students enrolled in our school was 34 for Master of Biology (071000) and 11 for Biotechnology and Engineering (086001), and after this increase, the number of students enrolled was 39 for Master of Biology (071000) and 17 for Biotechnology and Engineering (086001). After the first volunteer review, 25 students will be admitted to the Master of Science and 5 students to the Master of Science. Therefore, the number of places available for transfer is 14 for MSc Biology (071000) and 12 for Biotechnology and Engineering (086001), and we will carry out the transfer review after the opening of the transfer system of the Ministry of Education.