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November 29, 2022
Jiangsu University Institute of Life Sciences 2022 Master's transfer volunteer review arrangements

Jiangsu University Institute of Life Sciences 2022 Master's transfer volunteer review arrangements

I. Proposed transfer disciplines and quota

Based on the first-volunteer retest, the proposed transfer majors and places in the Institute are as follows.

071000 Biology (full-time): 14.

086001 Biotechnology and Engineering (Full-time): 12.

II. Transfer Application Requirements and Retrial ratio

Candidates for transfer volunteers must meet the basic conditions for transfer as stipulated in the "Jiangsu University 2022 Master's Degree Admission Review and Acceptance Measures".

The retrial will be conducted on a differential basis, with a ratio of 1:1.5.

III. Acceptance of Transfer Times

April 6, 0:00 - April 6, 15:00 (Please fill in the application in time after the opening of the "National Master Admissions Transfer Service System")

IV. Retrial Time

The official retrial for transfer candidates will start at 8:30am on 8 April (candidates should enter the waiting area half an hour in advance to wait).

The institute will organise an online retrial simulation exercise for all candidates in advance. The exercise will take place on 7 April from 15:20-17:30 pm (candidates are requested to enter the waiting area and wait in advance).

V. Content and Format of the Retrial

Please see the Institute of Life Sciences website "Rules for Reviewing and Accepting Master's Degree Students in 2022, Institute of Life Sciences, Jiangsu University".

Transfer candidates should package all the documents for the qualification examination (please name them according to the application code + name) and upload them to the "Cloud Examination Centre" system before 17:00 on 7 April.

Candidates for transfer should visit the Admissions Management System (Candidate Portal) of the University's Graduate Admissions Information Network ( before April 7 to submit the subjects for the retrial.

Candidates need to import their candidate information at the insitute before they can log in to the two systems above. If you cannot log in, please be patient and the information will be imported before 7 days.

Institute of Life Sciences

April 5, 2022